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Article: 5 Ways to Up Your Mask Sustainability Game

5 Ways to Up Your Mask Sustainability Game

5 Ways to Up Your Mask Sustainability Game

Yo, listen up! The use of disposable face masks has totally exploded since the whole Coronavirus craze hit us. It's been a wild ride, with masks being made like crazy to meet the skyrocketing demand. And while studies have shown that wearing masks can seriously help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus and other viruses, people still aren't getting the memo on proper mask disposal. Can you believe it?

Check this out, though. The environment is getting slammed with all this mask waste. Like, billions of them were added to global plastic production last year alone. Insane, right? These masks are made up of different layers, filters, and metal frames, all composed of plastic or polymer materials. Some fancy electro-spinning techniques are used to create those filter layers, using fibers that can be as tiny as nanofibers. Pretty mind-blowing stuff!


But here's the thing—we don't really know what kind of chemicals and other funky stuff these masks are releasing into our environment. Early studies have shown some seriously crazy things, like lead and other compounds getting released from masks during lab tests. Not cool, folks.

Considering all the plastic in these masks and the way they're piling up; it's becoming a real problem. Those plastic fibers, mainly made of polypropylene, are gonna be sticking around for ages, like old bubble gum stuck to your favorite shoes.

And guess what? Millions of masks that are being improperly thrown away are becoming potential hazards for everyone, especially when they end up in our precious environment. Yikes!

But hold up, there's hope. As face mask usage keeps on rising, it's super important for everyone to realize the consequences of tossing them away all willy-nilly.

1. We need affordable masks that are biodegradable, my friends. These bad biodegradable boys can break down naturally over time with the help of living organisms like bacteria and fungi.

2. Support sustainable brands and products: Make conscious choices when shopping by supporting brands that prioritize sustainability, use eco-friendly materials, and engage in ethical practices.

3. Step up your game, be an eco-friendly influencer, and start looking for packaging that's labeled "biodegradable" or "compostable."

4. Share and A Spare: always keep a couple of spare masks with you. This way, if a friend needs one, or if you need to replace your mask during the day, you won't have to resort to using a disposable one. Presto-change-o, Bob’s your uncle!

5. Consider using a compact, foldable pouch to help keep your clean mask protected and accessible.



It's time for us to make a positive impact on our planet, both now and in the future.

Spread the word about the awesomeness of biodegradability, my peeps! We're all in this together, and it's time to make a change. Let's do it!

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